Crochet and Knitted Peter Rabbit Patterns

15 Aug 2018 0 Comments Crochet, Knitting
peter rabbit crochet and knitting pattern

Issue 2 in shops 16th August!

The brand new issue of Your Crochet & Knitting features a fantastic (and official) crochet and knitted Peter Rabbit pattern!  Get your copy at – Scroll down for complete finished pics of both of these crochet and knitting patterns.

Peter Rabbit Knitting Pattern

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and find they were the big things

Beatrix Potter

We had to share this fabulous Beatrix Potter quote, what an inspiring woman, her stories have touched generations of children. Children’s story books and hobbies like crochet and knitting may well be considered amongst ‘the little things in life’ but these simple pleasures can often make us the happiest,  clearing and settling our thoughts ready to focus on all those ‘big picture’ problems we face every day! 

The rise and rise of Peter Rabbit!

Ppeter rabbit movie clip

Peter Rabbit has seen a surge in popularity in the last 5 years since the very popular Children’s BBC TV series and also the new 2018 film featuring comedian James Corden (did you like it?)

peter rabbit crochet and knitting patterns original image from book

Most of us of a certain age will remember this naughty little rabbit most fondly from the original storybooks. Not many households would be missing a set of the beautiful stories written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter.

That’s why when we got the opportunity to include a crochet and knitted Peter Rabbit pattern in our latest issue we were so excited as we know so many of you will want to make a version for yourselves.

crochet peter rabbit pattern

Peter Rabbit Crochet Pattern – designed by Alison Holloway, Angela Hatton

knitted peter rabbit pattern

Peter Rabbit Knitting Pattern designed by Louise Watling, Angela Hatton

The colours in your yarn kit are perfect for making our official movie-style Peter Rabbit.

YCK02 Yarn kit

To order your copy head to

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