Extra-stretchy cast-off

Step 1: If first st is k, make a reverse
yarnover (rev yo) by taking
yarn round RH needle in the
opposite direction to normal.

Step 2: K next stitch. Two
stitches on RH needle (the rev
yo and the stitch just knitted).

Step 3: On the first stitch only,
lift first stitch (the rev yo) over
stitch just knitted.

Step 4: When working a k1,
p1 rib, the next st will be p, so
make a knit-to-purl yarnover
by taking yarn from back to
front between needles, over
RH needle from front to back,
bringing it between needles
again and holding to front. P
next stitch.

Step 5: You will have 3 stitches
on RH needle, the stitch
remaining from Step 1, the
yarnover and the p stitch, both
from Step 4. Insert LH needle
into both the stitch from Step
1 and yarnover. Use tip of LH
needle to lift these two stitches
over p stitch. One stitch
remains on RH needle.

Step 6: Before the next (and
every subsequent) k stitch,
make rev yo by holding yarn to
back as normal then going R
to L over the front of the RH
needle, taking yarn between
needles, under the RH needle
and holding to the right.

Step 7: K next stitch. You will
have three stitches on RH
needle; the p stitch from Step
3, the rev yo and the stitch just
knitted. With tip of LH needle,
lift both rev yo and p stitch over
the stitch just knitted. Repeat
steps 4-6 until all (or specified
number) of stitches have been cast off.

Step 8: Where all stitches are
to be cast off, finish by cutting
the yarn, leaving a tail of around
20cm (longer if you will be
using this to sew up with later).
Pass the cut end through the
final stitch on the RH needle
and draw up firmly.

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