Fjord River Crochet-Along Scarf – Part 1

Hello and welcome to our Crochet- along, where we hope we can visually help you along your way with your Fjord River Scarf.

Download the pattern pages from Issue 3 of Your Crochet & Knitting here – 

To begin each motif, you will need to make a magic ring. If you haven’t come across a magic ring before then don’t panic! Simply make the ring in the same way as a slip knot but do not pull the tail ends to close it up.

When working into the magic ring make sure you work into the ring when it is not too small, this will help make your first stitches easier and neater. When you have completed this round then pull the tail end and this will close the ring.

Alternatively, if you still do not feel comfortable, why not make 5 chains, ss to join in a circle and work into this instead (Although your motifs will have a small hole in the centre).

After making your magic ring, make 1 ch, then you will be able to work the stitches as given in the pattern into the ring easily.

Make sure you use the same tension throughout your round as this will help the neatness and shape of your finished motif. Remember that this first round of your motif will act as the scaffolding for the following rounds.

To finish your round, slip st into the first of the 3 chains made at the beginning of the round- this will attach the beginning and end of the round together.

Although we are talking about working in rounds, these motifs end up being a square shape. This is due to the position of extra chains between the treble clusters which form corners.

Next time we will take a look at joining rounds and slip stitching across to where you need to be when starting the next round.

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