Fjord River Crochet-Along Scarf – Part 2

Hello and welcome back to our Crochet- along, where we hope we can visually help you along your way with your Fjord River Scarf.

When working the first 3 rounds for both the small and large squares, your pattern will tell you to break off your colour after each round. Then it tells you where to re-join your next colour for the next round, which is at the corner.

How-ever on the larger motifs, after round 3 you will be working in the same colour and this means you will need to be able to start a new round in a different place to where you finished the old round without breaking off your yarn.

To finish off your last round you will have slip stitched into the beginning stitch of that round. Do Not Break off your yarn; to get to the right place to begin the next round, you are going to have to slip stitch your way across.

Slip stitch into each of the next 2 trebles and then slip stitch into the corner of your square, you will then be in the correct place to begin your next round.

This makes your starting chains sit into the corner, just like when you were changing colours and breaking off and re-joining yarn.

Next time we discuss what to do once your yarn is in the correct place for the following round.

You can download the pattern from issue 3 here…

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