Fjord River Crochet-Along Scarf – Part 3

Hello and welcome back to our Crochet- along, where we hope we can visually help you along your way with your Fjord River Scarf.

Now you are where you need to be for round 4, for your larger squares.

Make 3 chains on the top of the slip stitch you made to sit the chains into the corner.

Make sure you do not accidentally work into the next space, but continue to work into the corner as before.

Work a further 2 trebles into the same space.

You make only 2 trebles but because of the chains made in the beginning, it will visually look like 3 trebles to match the other parts of your motif.

The image below shows you the next 3 chains made which will then become your new corner ready for round 5.

Next time we talk about how to decide what position your motifs will be in, in your finished Scarf

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