Fjord River Crochet-Along Scarf – Part 6

Hello and welcome back to our final part of the Crochet- along, where we hope we can visually help you along your way with your Fjord River Scarf.

You can download the pattern from issue 3 here…

Thread the yarn you have previously slip stitched across to the corner of your first motif onto your tapestry needle.

Then join the 3 corner chains to the corresponding 3 corner chains on the second motif.

Place your tapestry needle through the top of the stitch as shown in the photograph.

Next thread the tapestry needle through the top of the corresponding stitch on your second motif as shown in the photograph.

When you pull your yarn taut the stitches will neatly A-line. Be careful not to pull too tightly and ensure a nice even square.

After you have sewn all your motifs together, you will have some ends left.

Sew these a few times through the self -coloured rows and then snip with scissors.

When these ends have been woven in, you will then be able to block your Scarf.

TIP:If you do not have a large enough area to block your scarf all at once, why not try your ironing board and block in stages.

Pin the scarf to the dimensions and so that it is as neat as possible.

You can either wash your scarf first so that it is wet or soak a clean tea towel and lay this over your work.

Leave to dry before you unpin.

We hope our advice has helped and we would love to see your projects, why not join our Facebook group page and share your hard work.

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