Fjord River Knit-Along Shawl – Part 3

Hello and welcome to our Knit-along, where we hope we can visually help you along your way with your Fjord River Shawl.

You can download the pattern from issue 3 here…

This week we are looking at section 4 from your magazine.

We begin this week using the paler pink in your kit called Angel pink and then change to the mid blue colour Breezy blue for our 5th section.

Working section 4 in Angel pink; you will continue to work your edge and centre stitches as before.

Basket weave patterns can vary but are all based on a block of stitches and how they alternate from the other block of stitches around them.

Our basket weave uses a sequence of 3 sts and then 5 sts. This means that from the right side facing of your shawl, the stocking stitch based block is 2 sts less than the reverse stocking stitch block.

TIP: If you have never tried basket weave type stitches before, why not cast on 19sts and knit a small sample so that you can get to grips with how the stitches change and work around each other.

After section 4, your pattern will ask you to change to the mid blue in your kit called Breezy blue.  Once you have completed the given amount of Garter stitch rows you are then ready to begin the next textured stitch.

TIP: If following the pattern correctly, on the RS there should always be an even number of stitches before the marker and and odd number of stitches after the marker. Keep this in mind and it’ll help a lot in keeping you right and will help you identify if you have made a mistake.

N.B please note row 4 of section 4 should read ….to last 7 sts before marker.

Next time we tackle sections 5 and 6

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