Fjord River Knit-Along Shawl – Part 4

Hello and welcome back to our Knit-along, where we hope we can visually help you along your way with your Fjord River Shawl.

You can download the pattern from issue 3 here…

The next texture is sometimes called a broken stocking stitch. It is a perfect choice at this stage in your shawl as it will give a little break from concentrating so much on every stitch.

It is based on stocking stitch which has a little ‘blip’ every fourth stitch (made by a purl instead of a knit stitch).

The return rows are plain sailing with purls all the way, excluding your continuous 3 edge garter stitch stitches.

Why not try using this stitch elsewhere when you are knitting; if you are using plain stocking stitch and you are getting a little bored, this little textured stitch is a perfect replacement and should have the same tension as stocking stitch.

Yay!!! We are finally onto Cranberry pink (what a great yarn colour name for the up-coming season).

After the garter stitch rows, we then move onto a diagonal style stocking stitch based pattern.

This attractive stitch is a complimentary stitch to your broken stocking stitch. It uses the same principle but the placement of the purl stitch ‘blips’ change by one stitch every other row.

By changing the position gradually throughout the section of these ‘blips’ the overall pattern begins to show a diagonal raised ridge.

TIP: Once you have worked a few rows, you will be able to visually see how the purl stitches are forming the diagonals.

This will help you to know when to make these ‘blips’ at the right place as well as counting stitches.

If you go wrong you will pretty much immediately know because you will be able to see the mistake. If this happens go back to the place where you can see the stitches are correct and then count from that point.

N.B please note in section 5 row 5 should read…. to last 6 sts and row 9 should read….to last 7 sts. We apologise for this slight miscount.

Next time we take a peek at section 7

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