Fjord River Knit-Along Shawl – Part 6

Welcome back to our final part of your shawl!

Yay! You are probably having that giddy almost finished feeling and looking forward to wearing your gorgeous shawl.

You can download the pattern from issue 3 here…

So here we go let’s get ready for section 8; this one is easy as it is a repeat of a previous section but a great way to re-address the type of stitch and practise a little more.

As a reminder why not take a look back at week 2 and our yarn over tutorial.

Next up is our final section (section 9) and it is plain sailing from here as we are now working in plain garter stitch with no edge or centre ladder stitches.

To create a really stretchy cast-off edge why not take a peep at our stretchy cast off tutorial; this will help your shawl to keep it’s shape and to help stop a rolling edge.

If you do not feel confident to have a go then simply cast off as normal but maybe try a slightly larger needle so that your cast off is looser


Blocking is such an important part of the garment process as it helps the shape and size of your piece.

You can either pin to shape and steam without letting the iron touch the yarn or wash your shawl and then pin out and allow to dry.

Another way to block is to pin out, wet a clean tea towel with cold water and wring out, then lay the tea towel onto your work and press down several times around your shawl. Leave to dry.

When pinning out ensure that the top edge of your shawl is straight, by making a looser cast off this should help ease the shawl into the desired shape.

TIP: If you are stuck for somewhere to block either use an ironing board (folding shawl in half and pinning half at a time) or find a little bit of carpet which does not have much footfall (please do not use your steam iron here though, we suggest the wet tea towel method to protect your carpet)


Pin to shape, making sure the top edge is straight. Steam to open up stitches and set in place.

Make 3 tassels using left-over yarn and attach to three corners.

Please see our ‘How to make tassels’ step-by-step post

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