Doctor’s Orders

14 Nov 2018 0 Comments Crochet, Inspiration, Miscellaneous

Tara has just the cure for feeling under the weather this week…

free crochet blankets

Dear Diary, 
                     I like to be helpful around the house. I know what you’re thinking, that’s not in a cat’s nature, but I’m not completely self centered.

My human Angela has been a bit under the weather this week and I don’t like it when she’s not feeling herself. Of course, it means I get extra cuddles, but it still makes me sad. While she was poorly in bed, I came up with the perfect plan to help her get back to herself. She’s always happiest when she’s surrounded by yarn, so guess what the doctor ordered? 

I made my way to Angela’s stash and pulled out as much yarn as I could to bring to her. I have to admit, yarn can be hard to carry with my cat paws, so of course I dropped some around the house on my way to bring it to Angela. But what’s a bit of dropped yarn through the hallway, up the stairs, across the landing and around the legs of the bed?

Angela seemed to appreciate it anyway – it made her laugh… or cry. I couldn’t tell. Perhaps I’d have been better off making her one of these free crochet blanket patterns to wrap up with? There’s always next time.

free crochet blanket
Happy Herringbone Chevron Blanket by Two Brothers Blankets
free crochet blanket
Moss Stitch Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me
free crochet blanket
Blanket Statement by Red Heart Crochet
Groovy Granny Baby Blanket by American Crochet
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