What a Shock

07 Nov 2018 0 Comments Inspiration, Knitting, Miscellaneous

Tara talks about a shocking incident…

free zigzag pattern

Dear Diary, 
               I love visiting my human Angela’s parents. They refer to me as their grand-cat which really makes me feel like part of the family. Whenever I visit I know there will be a cosy knee waiting for me to snuggle up on. 

Last time we were at their house, my sister Tikka was busy messing around and was given the shock of her life – literally! The carpets in the living room are fantastic and feel so good when you roll around on them for a little scratch. 

free zigzag pattern
Tikka feeling sorry for herself after her shock

After Tikka was done rolling, something caught her eye in the hearth, but when she went to investigate and touched the metal cover, she was zapped! Angela says this is was something called static? Whatever it was it made a big loud noise. Tikka was so taken aback by it, but I have to admit, I thought it was rather funny. It’s inspired me to get creative and I’m going to make her a blanket to recover under using this free zigzag pattern from Stitch This. 

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