Happy Halloween

31 Oct 2018 0 Comments Knitting, Miscellaneous

Tara talks about her Halloween knitting plans for a new costume

cat mane halloween knitting costume

Dear Diary, 
                Dressing up for Halloween has always been a must. I’m the proud owner of a skeleton costume which I wear every year, without fail since I was a kitten. It’s become tradition to join my human, Sophie, and her friends in dressing up for the day. I enjoy being one of the girls. It’s so much fun spending time with them watching scary movies and cuddling up with everyone. I guess that’s one of the perks of being a cat, humans can never resist a cuddle. 

Every year, small humans come to the house to parade their costumes. When someone knocks at the door, I accompany my human, Angela, as she answers, partly to protect her from any scary monsters that might be waiting on the other side, but mainly to greet the small humans and be showered with attention (which I wholeheartedly deserve).

halloween knitting skeleton
My annual skeleton costume

This year, I feel like breaking with tradition and have instructed Angela to knit me a new costume. My only problem is that I can’t decide what I should be. I’ve been looking into some free patterns on the internet and think I like the idea of being a big scary lion. This mane by Mer Almagro looks perfect! 


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