How to hold a crochet hook and yarn

02 Jul 2018 0 Comments Tutorials crochet basics, holding yarn

These are examples of how you could try to hold your hook and yarn, but play around and try different ways which feel natural and comfortable

how to hold a crochet hook pen method


There’s no right or wrong way to hold your hook, but many crocheters find it comfortable to hold it as they would a pen.

how to hold a crochet hook knife method


Others prefer the knife method, with the end of the hook resting against the palm of the hand for extra control of the hook.

how to hold the yarn when crocheting

The key is to ensure tension in the yarn. This technique shows the tail held between index finger and thumb, and working end over the middle finger.
You can also hold the tail end held in between the thumb and middle finger and the working end wrapped around the index finger – see what works best for you!

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how to crochet for beginners

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